The Aquarium Diagnoser

From a reader:
This tool is fantastic! I use it whenever I suspect there may be a problem in my tank, as it allows me to quickly confirm or rule out potential causes. Unlike most sites which simply list common symptoms and their causes and leaves you to figure out what is most likely a match to your problem, with this tool I simply plug in what I'm seeing in my tank and it takes all the guesswork out of the diagnosis for me! I've also learned a lot about aquarium health symptoms by simply playing around with the tool. By looking over the Symptoms list, I know what things to look for that might indicate trouble brewing in the tank. I've been searching for the best auto loan rates online and I sure wish the tools provided for that were as easy to use and as comprehensive as this one is! Thank you for this excellent tool as well as all the other great tools and calculators on this site. It's helped me gain the confidence to go from a very simple 30 gallon community tank
with some fake plants and rocks to a thriving 55 gallon tank with lush real plants and healthy exotic fish!